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  • Rhea Singhvi

Is Health Limited To The Physical?

Chapter 21

NCERT, Class 7, Social and Political Life II

From malaria to hepatitis, a plethora of diseases has been discussed. The limited availability of healthcare in rural areas and the privatization of healthcare have been criticized. Yet, in an eleven-page chapter about health, not once has reproductive, mental and menstrual health been mentioned.

The text says, “Women, for example, are not taken to a doctor in a prompt manner. Women’s health concerns are considered to be less important than the health of men in the family.”

What then, are these health concerns that are not given as much importance? What patriarchal practices restrict women from accessing basic healthcare? It becomes important to facilitate such conversations at a young age. Social classes such as caste, class and gender significantly influence access as well. However, these have not been discussed.


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