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The Textbook Trap is an exercise that works towards the identification of problematic value judgments in school textbooks. This project aims to spark a conversation about the lessons that are taught to us as children.


This project was conceptualised in 2020, amidst the migrant crisis that struck India. The process of revisiting textbooks helped us unearth several prejudices perpetuated by schools. Here, the evaluation of school textbooks has been restricted to books provided or prescribed by CBSE, ICSE and SSC boards of classes I-XII. 


Yugank is curious and observant, an academic writer, an avid reader and traveler. He received his joint doctorate from Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Bologna and University of Hamburg. Here, he majored in law and economics (and University of Manchester) for his masters. He also studied at NIT, Surat. A professor at O.P. Jindal Global University and a regular visitor at other esteemed institutions, Yugank sits on the board of few young technology startups. He also prepared the Gazetteer of Karnal (a north Indian town), mapping data and writing real life stories of a city and its people. He is working on building a school in an impoverished village in UP, India. 



Rhea Singhvi_JSLH_18050022.JPG

Rhea Singhvi is pursuing an MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The idea for this project originated from a paper she wrote for one of Dr Yugank Goyal's courses as an undergraduate. With a curious mind and a sensitive eye, she has the potential to notice the overlooked. Rhea is an enthusiastic pianist and passionate actor with immense creative energy and a desire to learn more. 

LinkedIn: Rhea Singhvi 


Ariana is a graphic design student at School of Visual Arts in New York who makes art to teach people about feminism. She is a published children’s book author. Her book, New Age Fairy Tales is a retelling of traditional fairy tales from a feminist point of view and has sold over a thousand copies! She is a TEDx speaker and recently finished working on a 36-day type series that educates people about rape culture. She wishes to continue working with children and educating people.

Instagram: @arianagupta

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